3 Interior ideas
using vegetable fiber carpets

3 Interior ideas
using vegetable fiber carpets

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Carpets produced with vegetable fibers have a great mechanical resistance in addition to providing a special sensitivity to the spaces where they are placed.

For this reason, in this opportunity we propose three possibilities to use this material according to the desired effect. Earlier we informed you of the advantages of vegetable fibers.

Natural fibers of vegetable origin are obtained in some cases from the villus of some seeds such as cotton or from stems such as flax and hemp. These fibers are also extracted from the foliage as the sisal or the husks, as is the case of the coconut.

In the making of carpets, jute, sisal and hemp are mainly used. These materials are highly valued for their antibacterial, insulating and antistatic properties, as well as for their low thermal conductivity and moderate moisture retention.

Carpets made with vegetable fibers are used to provide an element of great durability in hotels.

Overlay pieces
You can place a sisal carpet as a base, under another piece to look for a deeper effect. In some situations, the main carpet is not large enough and generates an island effect, to avoid this, the carpet of sisal or any other vegetable fiber generates an area of ​​greater amplitude that allows to include the furniture of a larger set. The neutral tones of the vegetal fibers favor the integration of both carpets, adding to this, their capacity of ventilation and durability. In this way, these rugs become integrating elements of exceptional quality.

Customization of finishes
Vegetable fiber carpets are more than a piece of high durability. In accordance with the idea developed by the interior designer, it is possible to customize the finishings of the carpets to provide greater uniqueness and character to the designed space. Adding a border to the carpet of jute or hemp manages to surprise with a subtle accent. The materials that are proposed to build this finish can be: canvas, leather, leatherette, cotton. The team of professionals of Cotlin will know how to guide you in the best option for your project.

Color as area delimiter
Some interior design projects have the requirement to delimit areas for their functionality. In these cases the color is an element that is used to give harmony to specific areas and communicate to the user something related to that specific space. In this sense Cotlin Barcelona has the collections Nebraska and Montana made 100% jute dyed with natural pigments with which a broad color palette is achieved. With the guidance of our team you can find the right solution to the idea you have in mind.
It is important to note that vegetable fibers are 100% biodegradable, recyclable and their combustion does not generate toxic gases. These characteristics make this material harmless to the environment. At the end of their life cycle, they can be used in composite materials for housing construction or to generate electricity.

Cotlin Barcelona reaffirms its constant commitment to caring for the environment and its task of raising awareness among prescribers and customers.

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