Access areas and special corners
Carpets that embellish these spaces

Access areas and special corners
Carpets that embellish these spaces

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New collection designed to frame: a corner with highlighted furniture, transition zones as corridors or access areas that open onto other spaces.

These rugs manually woven with the care of professional artisans, offer a decorative solution to give elegance to these areas that must also be projected and designed.

Rugs wich make up the new Week and Week-Line Collection, are made up respectively of 100% Pure New Zealand Wool and 90% Pure New Zealand Wool and 10% Tencel. This collection developed by Cotlin Barcelona, is presented to offer an alternative to interior design professionals who seek to integrate different spatial situations through the placement of decorative elements.

The Week Collection is composed of carpets manually woven in 100% wool. They are named according to the days of the week: Monday, Tuesday, Wendnesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. They are presented in seven different forms, according to the day of the week, in a colour palette comprised of 16 defined colours tone. It offers simple pieces in full colors, of great quality in measurements that vary according to an established catalog. Due to its neutrality and quality it is an appropriate option for different creative proposals.

The Week Collection, hand-woven, 100% New Zealand wool in full colors.

The Week-Line Collection is woven manually and mostly made of wool. Its pieces are characterized by being provided by a line of high quality viscose that gives it shine and uniqueness. They are named Friday Line, Saturday Line and Sunday Line. These rugs are decorative elements ideal to be placed at the foot of a bed or to accent an upholstered piece (armchair, pouff). They can be combined with a Week carpets that are presented in a only color and different shapes, in case you want to emphasize a corner or sectorize a certain area to highlight a piece of furniture.

The carpets are woven in wool, fiber of natural origin, which can be used both in summer and in winter. This noble material is ideal for making carpets specially indicated for high or moderate transit stays. Because of its great resilience, ability to recover after intense use, wool is a highly valued fiber. The care of these pieces is simple, aspiring once a week ensures proper maintenance and a long life of the carpet.

The Week-Line Collection is characterized by having a color line in high quality viscose.

They offer the advantages of wool, material that has insulating thermal and acoustic properties, does not accumulate static electricity, is antibacterial and antiallergic since it absorbs dust particles from the air. These carpets are ennobled over time, they are durable, elegant and offer a comfortable footprint. Ideal for all types of interior design projects, due to its neutrality and sophistication, they put in value those corners that are unused and devoid of any stylistic treatment.

Cotlin Barcelona signs a new collection to reinforce its commitment to raise awareness in the care of the environment among its clients and prescribers. At the same time, the company extends its offer of products to take care of the most neglected corners in interior decoration.

We invite interior design professionals to know: the options offered by the color palette, hand-woven work and the extraordinary quality of this collection.

Please, coordinate a visit to our showrooms in Barcelona and Madrid, where you will be received with the professionalism and warmth that characterize us.

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