Axminster carpets
Comfort and extraordinary softness

Axminster carpets
Comfort and extraordinary softness

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The new collection of high density carpets incorporates pieces made in 80% wool and 20% polyamide. A proposal of great quality that allows to apply company’s logo and corporate colors.

The quality and definition of high density carpets is given by the high presence of threads per square centimeter providing a great definition to create custom patterns.

It is equivalent to comparing the quality of the image on a standard television and a high definition screen, where the colors are sharper and the details of the design are more defined.

Cotlin presents the High Density Collection made of Axminster type loom, capable of weaving high quality carpets with the application of a wide color palette and various patterns of clothing. Due to its durable nature, axminster carpets are most often used in country houses, luxury hotels, airlines and trains.

High density collection, ideal for commercial or institutional spaces that need a design according to the corporate image.

Axminster looms insert the yarn into the backing or carpet’s base as it is woven and cut to the desired length creating a U-shaped tuft. This process produces a roll of carpet up to 4 meters which is characterized by its high yield and strength due to the number of tufts per inch.

Carpets produced by traditional Axminster type looms from the High Density Collection offers the possibility to develop a complex design in a wide range of colors and choose from 4 IMO qualities. They are certified for the cruise industry and it is possible to produce special designs with customize colors to solve interior design projects most demanding.

High Density Collection for the Contract sector.

Wool used in the production of these rugs offers an extraordinarily smooth texture. Undoubtedly a bet on functionality and aesthetics respectful of natural resources ideal for contemporary environments where the use of noble materials have the leading role.

Cotlin Barcelona’s team works together with interior design professionals advising them for personalize each piece and in the selection of a wide range of colors, in order to produce according to aesthetic and functional needs of each project.

We invite you to visit our showrooms in Madrid or Barcelona where we can advise you on the possibilities of high density carpets.

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