Viscose carpets
Premium spinning for luxury environments

Viscose carpets
Premium spinning for luxury environments

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Cotlin Barcelona has several collections made of viscose, 100% natural origin fiber that has its own brightness, moving it to ambients that need a piece with a high visual impact and high quality.

Cotlin Barcelona presents its Collections: Art Silk, Soft, Crew, Earth, Velvet, Honey, Mix Silky, Sidney, Lux, Smooth, Breeze, High y Lands, made with viscose spinning and hand woven. The main characteristic shared by these collections is given by the natural brightness of the fiber that is not lost with the passage of time. Viscose offers a play of lights and movement that is very characteristic; unlike other fibers such as wool, that does not offer shine because it absorbs light evenly.

The viscose is a fiber of regenerated cellulose, from the cellulose acetate and presented in the form of discontinuous fiber. This type of fibers are obtained from cellulose pulp obtained from the trunks of trees such as eucalyptus, firs or bamboo that is treated by various systems and products.

Viscose is known as artificial silk or botanical silk.

The Sidney Collection is a comfortable and sophisticated solution, 100% viscose.

The collections, Mix Silky, Sidney, Lux y Smooth are made exclusively in 100% viscose. They come in a wide variety of colors. These carpets provide a solution for creating a very comfortable and sophisticated ambients, bringing to the spaces their brightness and warmth, conferring at the same time, an extra acoustic quality.

Velvet and Earth collections have a composition of mixed yarn, distributed in 70% Viscose 30% Linen. These rugs combine viscose’s shine and texture with the resistance of the linen. Ideal for residential spaces.

The Lands Collection, recreates textures of topographies and maps.

Since 1988 Lyocell fiber (or Tencel) has been produced, which belongs to the family of viscose obtained solely and exclusively from eucalyptus cellulose. It is obtained with a more ecological process and presents the qualities of touch and movement of the viscose with an improved mechanical behavior. Art Silk, Soft, Crew, Breeze, High and Lands Collections are made with this material.

The latest trends in interior design projects appeal to these collections to emphasize creative proposals of all styles, from glamor with style, to space stripped where it is decided to place a viscose carpet to confer warmth to the environment.

In relation to the maintenance and care of these carpets we would like to recommend:

Use carpet protectors
If you place a heavy furniture on the carpet, we recommend placing carpet protectors on furniture legs, to distribute their pressure and weight.

Rotate the carpet regularly
In order that weights do not always fall on the same points of the carpet.

Aspirate frequently
It is recommended to vacuum once a week, using a smooth mouth, and never do it, after removing the brushes.

Cotlin Barcelona offers you the possibility of knowing the functional and stylistic versatility offered by these collections, for which we invite you to coordinate a visit to our showrooms in Barcelona and Madrid, where you will be received by our team of professionals.

Please, coordinate a visit to receive the advice of our team.

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