Knot to knot
Woven carpets according to Berber tradition

Knot to knot
Woven carpets according to Berber tradition

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The new Berber Knot Collection is composed of unique pieces woven by women who transfer their know-how from generation to generation, getting carpets of high technical, aesthetic and human quality.

Recently Cotlin Barcelona has developed the new Berber Knot Collection. These carpets are characterized by their spinning in 100% wool and produced manually, knot by knot.They are built following ancient Berber patterns. This new high quality product is equally suitable for professional sector as for residence.

These handmade rugs are an open books, which tell stories about tribes and their protagonists. Words are replaced by symbols or patterns like stars, crosses, rhombuses, lines, triangles and other abstract figures that are used to treat topics related with fertility, magic, rites, spirituality. Symbols are inspired by elements of the environment such as rivers, flowers or roads. Rhombus and red color symbolize the feminine. Triangle and yellow color symbolize the masculine.

Berber Knot Collection, woven and dyed by hand, respectful with the environment.

This tribal art that is transmitted generation after generation is present in the life of the inhabitants of the different regions of Morocco. From geometric shapes, the use of differentiating colors and elements, each tribe manages to create its own symbolic language that is embodied in each piece that is woven and ink manually. As a result, authentic works of art are created, which are made with delicacy and skill for a year.

The new Berber Knot Collection has a touch of carelessness raised in its chromatic palette in which the blues, reds, yellows among a great variety of bright colors stand out. This chromatic amplitude is the creative proposal of Cotlin Barcelona to enhance the energy and personality of architectural spaces.

Berber Knot collection, 100% wool, woven knot by knot. They tell stories of their protagonists.

The history of these carpets can be traced back to Palaeolithic period, in the Atlas Mountains, where Berber nomadic tribes began to weave them to protect themselves from the cold of the mountains or from the extreme heat of the desert, for which they used lighter and colorful fabrics for warm seasons. At that time, as now, these pieces constructed with wool spinning of Moroccan sheep are dyed with natural pigments from henna, indigo, wood or saffron. In relation to the symbolism that artisans give to color, we can know that red offers protection and strength, yellow relates it to eternity, green symbolizes peace, while blue calls to hope.

This new Berber Knot Collection by Cotlin Barcelona offers a soft touch, at the same time, these rugs are provided with the resilience offered by a material as noble and versatile as wool. This natural fiber acts as a breathable air filter, trapping allergens such as dust and pollen. A solution that offers this material before the technical requirements in relation to the fireproof properties that make these carpets an ideal decorative element for environments typical of the Contract sector.

Cotlin Barcelona offers its showrooms as a work tools where you can appreciate the color palette, the touch and the benefits of this new collection. Our team of professionals will accompany you in order to find that unique piece you have in mind for your interior project design.

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