The Scots return
Consolidated upward trend, 100% pure wool

The Scots return
Consolidated upward trend, 100% pure wool

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New carpets of Scottish reminiscence combine the softness and high quality New Zealand wool with contemporary design. A premium product that provides a sober and elegant comfort.

Through its product development service, Cotlin offers the possibility of creating unique carpets, manually woven in 100% natural wool, applying patterns inspired by Scottish fabrics. The wool is among the fiber of natural origin of high quality. In the case of that ones comes from New Zealand, are internationally valued for its exceptional purity.

Due to its composition, high saturation and homogeneity can be obtained in the dyeing process, achieving colors and intense tones of very high quality. The pieces that are obtained are of an elegant beauty by virtue of their homogenous and saturated tones.

The latest trends in interior design place the Scottish motifs as a new ‘must-have’ for environments that seek elements with a great personality. These patterns inspired by the Scottish tartan, which identified clans, were very required in the 80s. This revival is updated with a chromatic palette in which colors such as yellow, blue and caldera, are involved.

In this new proposal Cotlin’s carpets are given a touch of sophistication achieved thanks to the exceptional treatment of the material, which is worked with great skill to achieve an exquisite combination of loop and hair cut in different heights and colours depths to offer a very personal textures and nuances.

The wool renews itself with the passage of time, maintaining its color and its softness.

Manually woven New Zealand wool carpets offer numerous advantages among which we would like to highlight:

Thermal and sound insulation
Until not long ago, carpets made of wool were considered an ideal decorative element for low-temperature season. This has changed radically with air-conditioned rooms. In this way, it is not only an aesthetic piece but also a thermal and sound insulation, which provides high acoustic comfort in the ambient. With the placement of a carpet, heat losses in the areas of the pavement are avoided, as well as the natural air filtering by the absorption of allergens such as dust and pollen by wool fibers.

Singularization of space
A room that has the presence of a New Zealand wool rug offers a decorative experience with a strong personality. The cozy elegance of this product, made with the best wool in the world, is undoubtedly an opportunity to create a very personal atmosphere.

Visual warmth
These rugs developed by Cotlin are made with exclusive wool spinning. This premium natural fiber provides an elegant warmth to those spaces whose interior design has turned to furnishings that are perceived as cold by material or style, achieving a more comfortable while sober effect. Another advantage besides aesthetics, is that the wool renews itself with the passage of time, maintaining its color and its softness.

Uniformity in the appearance of colors
Thanks to the inherent characteristics of New Zealand wool of high purity homogeneous and saturated tones can be achieved. The wool is a material that does not offer shine because absorbs light evenly unlike other materials such as natural viscose that reflects light differently. According to the intention in the proposal of the interior designer, this material is ideal for neutral atmospher and defined in colours.

Intense or dark colors allow excellent finishes in New Zealand wool.

Easy maintenance
It is the material that presents more advantages in this sense, with the application of specialized products that do not deteriorate the quality of the fiber. This characteristic makes these carpets suitable for high traffic environments such as hotels, restaurants, hospitals, among others. They are made with exclusive wool spinning, offering an unequaled texture, which renews itself over time, maintaining its color and its softness.

Cotlin Barcelona offers you the option to plan your design requirements and know the developing possibilities of unique pieces in the Barcelona and Madrid’showrooms, where you will be advised on the wide range of personalization to make each carpets a unique decorative objet, destined for spaces with a strong personality and comfort.

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