Wool and jute carpets
Versatility for all types of environments

Wool and jute carpets
Versatility for all types of environments

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An innovative collection made with a perfect combination of two natural fibers: wool and jute, that provides a sober aesthetic and exceptional quality.

Cotlin Barcelona has developed the Sack Collection, an innovative proposal that involves two natural fibers: jute and wool, with vegetable and animal origin respectively.A perfect combination that brings all the advantages of both materials.

Natural fibers of vegetable origin are a renewable resource par excellence. They have a good mechanical resistance and low weight, which makes them an ideal material for making carpets. They are 100% biodegradable, their waste is destined to compose materials for the construction of houses even to generate electricity.

Jute is extracted from the bark of the plant of the white jute (Corchorus capsularis) and, to a lesser extent, from the red jute (Corchorus olitorius). Its cultivation offers numerous benefits to the care of the environment. This is how one hectare of jute plants consumes about 15 tons of carbon dioxide and contributes 11 tons of oxygen to the environment.

Sack Collection has achieved great harmony with mixing wool and jute yarns.

Wool is a material that provides a natural resistance to fire and heat. It is usually treated with substances such as aniline which makes it water resistant, prolonging its useful life and facilitating maintenance.

Sack Collection has managed to mix jute and wool yarns in such a way that their mechanical, functional and aesthetic characteristics are matched and enhanced. Jute provides the composition with its low thermal conductivity, insulating and antistatic capacity. The wool brings its nobility, longevity and soft texture.

These rugs are an ideal solution for the creation of very versatile and comfortable environments providing their warmth and resistance to the most diverse spaces, at the same time, which offer an extra acoustic quality. These pieces are ideal for interior spaces.

The Sack Collection, versatility, charisma and elegance for contemporary environments.

The Sack Collection is ideal for creating contemporary and minimalist spaces with Nordic-style furniture according to the latest trends in interior design projects. However, we also recommend it for those with the aim of emphasizing its warmth and functionality, adding elegance and fair balance.

These rugs produced with very compact spinning, soft touch and pleasant height located in 5mm, offers a comfortable footprint. They are presented in two color palettes, one composed of cold colors and one of warmer colors. They are ideal for environments that seek comfort and a piece of great strength and quality.

Cotlin Barcelona reinforces its commitment to the environment and its task of raising awareness among prescribers and customers with this new development: Sack Collection.

We invite you to know the quality, versatility and charisma of this new Collection. Our team of professionals will assist you at all times. Please, coordinate a visit to our showrooms in Barcelona and Madrid, where you will be received with professionalism and warmth that characterize us.

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